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Are you new to this great country? Do you need help related to legal or immigration issues? You might be here because of a number of reasons; political, religious, economic; you might be worried about your children's future or your parent's health. Whatever your reason you deserve to be here and live the American Dream.

One of the founding partners of the Senter Law Firm is an immigrant. Ilya Berenshteyn entered the United States in 1990 as an immigrant from the Former Soviet Union. In 2006, he opened a law firm with his law school friend Dudley Senter. The partners understand the significant role that immigrants have played in the development and success of this country. They also understand that the country has benefited both culturally and economically from all the dedicated families such as yours that have chosen to make this country their home.

Since 9/11 and the restructuring of the Immigration Administration it has become more difficult to deal with zealous civil officials and bureaucrats. Dealing with a bureaucratic machine can be difficult and frustrating, as well as expensive. We know, one of our own went through this process. Let our firm’s personal and professional experience help you resolve your issues, regardless of what area of law they may involve.

The partners, attorneys and staff of the Senter Law Firm are dedicated to serving your needs. Each situation is evaluated by an attorney and is given the personal attention you deserve. We understand that money can be an issue. Please do not let that stop you from coming to talk to us, there will be no charge unless you hire us.

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